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Youtube To MP3 To Mastering

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Youtube To MP3 To Mastering - Let us convert your unmastered Youtube Sound Track To A Mastered Sound Track

Your Youtube Video - To - Mp3 -To Mastering

We will extract (convert) your sound track from the video, master it; making the sound quality 10 time better with mastering, send you a clip to listen to  and approve the high quality results for yourself before you pay.

Listen to before and after mastering examples results; Click here                                                                                                                                                                  

You have two options to send us the music track to your video.  

Option 1: To upload the mp3 or wave music track from your smart-phone or computer. Click here when you're ready to experience true mastering.

Option 2: Email us the link to your music video; be sure to copy the link to your video and come back to this site to past it- Click here  
If you have any questions please call us at 404-910-5903

Terms and agreement: There are no refunds for mastering once you approve the work, pay for it and receive the full length mastered song. ( you get to hear the mastered song before you pay for it) after you accept and approve the mastered song(s) pay for the work and recieve the mastered music indicates that you agree to our terms and and agree to the conditions of the agreement.

 The cost is only $50 plus a $1.95 convenience fee will be added to your total.

Come back to this page to make a payment or make a payment now by clicking the Buy Now Button Below.