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Hello Artists: This is the opportunity of a life time; please read the email that we received from TJ below.

My name is C.J. I just spoke to you over the phone about this music competition. We're trying to find artists for an
upcoming project called Who Wants To Make It? This is a music contest/documentary that gives independent artists
exposure and an opportunity to connect with important figures in the industry. Those who audition will be judged by
both a panel of select judges and the fans. The grand prize winner will get to perform live during the Snoop Dogg
& Ice Cube concert at the BET Experience in LA! They will also get an opportunity to meet with Darryl Shelton,
the CEO of Next TV Management, and potentially receive an investment of up to $100,000!

If you know anyone at WaxJam interested in participating, please have them
visit www.whowantstomakeit.com and pre-register on the website (make sure they put “C.J. de Dios” under the “Referral” section).
Then, they will need to attend the In-Person Registration in Atlanta on Saturday, March 28,
where they will find out their scheduled audition date and location. There are other options
available if they can't attend the In-Person Registration, but I highly suggest that they do since it is FREE to register for this competition.

Hopefully, the website will answer all of your questions. But please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more info.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


C.J. de Dios