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Worst Day Edited Mix And Mastered @ WaxJam

Mix Master And Editing Approval
Allen Coner


This song was recorded by the artist in his own home studio in Audacity; it was a quick recording.

The tracks was submitted to WaxJam to enhance the quality of the tracks submitted; which was just the instrumental and on vocal track; WaxJam cut and placed the contents of the vocal in time with the music; because the vocal was not in time with the instrumental; we created stacks for the vocals after aligning the vocal with the instrumental; we also took snippets of of the vocal from the verses and hook and created add-lib tracks then professionally mixed and mastered the song. I became a work of art.

We can do this for almost any decent quality recording production; just do your best with that and we will do the rest.

 Total value: around $100 for mixing, $50 mastering, and $75 for editing and effects.

Total: $225 

Your Cost Today Only $125
A $100 savings