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Guess Who's Kallin

Rha Rha Grant
Antwell of Headbob Records, and Rha Rha Grant


This song was originally written for lloyd, his Pr decided not to use it; so WaxJam Records decided to put it out; others like it will be hitting the erways(airways) of WJRZ soon. Incase you didn't know' Rha Rha has done many work for hire projects (work for hire projects can not  be discussed due to waiver signed to keep those creations undisclosed)and a lot of the songs you hear today was created by him. Hey did u know that  as well as a singer; Rha Rha is known for his hot guitar skills; yes that's  right' The electrafying guitar you hear in the second basketball scene at night on the movie You Got Served is none other than; yo boy Rha Rha Grant' recorded at Traxx here in the ATL.

Also; the recently released Jay P Cola single Natural Woman' you hear that guitar throughout that song' it is also yo boy Rha Rha Grant on the ax and on vocals; the hook master; and you know this mannn

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