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Squad Living

by Jay P Cola

Released 2011
WaxJam Records
Released 2011
WaxJam Records
Hot like Pac, P cola: This song is basically built on things that I personally experienced in my life.
Growing up in the streets of The South-Side Of Atlanta; blessed to live to talk about it and my music is the avenue.
I don't encourage street-life.
They Say He's Hot like Pac
It's The Incredible Jay P Cola
Born in Atlanta Ga on the south-side and have traveled from one hood to the other; Jay is no stranger to the streets.
Much like the late great Tu Pac story; Jay is an educator; Jay shares knoledge through music.
Boldly telling true stories about the hood life he lived (lived) His soul purpose is to bring people together as a nation and teach them the true meaning of loyalty (the number one rule of the streets) which is the foundation of his LP Tittle Squad Living. Although Jay said that he has his own style of rap; he has come to terms with accepting the fact that he has a strong Tu Pac-like flavor and he said with that coming from his broad fan base; there must be some truth to it.
Hot Like Pac' Jay saids " I can live with that" when Jay is not on stage performing to a mamorized crowd of fans and first time listener; Jay spends the majority of his time in his studio creating track after track after track; This man is a clear definition of hard work. Super Producer Rha Rha Grant saids; " When he first heard Jays Demo' he knew then' " Ok I better move fast before someone else hear this" from then until now Jay have taken WaxJam Records off to a great start. Rha also saids " I worked with enough well known artist as you may know them today and personally' " I have never seen an artist devloped so quickly in all my days' " I will even go on to say' This man is well ahead of his time' much like someone else we knew that once live; but if you listen to his stories; you will see what I mean. WaxJam Records expect Jay to do well using his own merits to achieve success! We would like to thank his fan base for helping to light the fire and encourage new listerners to throw some wood or some old unwanted furniture into the fire and help Jay build and enternal flame that will burn long after his time here on earth.
Jay P Cola