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Mastering Your Beats

WaxJam Records

You make beats and need to master 1 or 2 or a whole lot of songs cheap? - Send your beats to us by email only

Mastering Your Beats (wave or mp3)(no session files please) 

A. 20 Instrumentals: $200- Please allow 1 or 2 days for mastering to be completed
B.  25 Instrumentals: $220- Please allow 1 or 2 days for mastering to be completed
C. You have more than 25 Instrumentals to be mastered: Call and make us an offer 404-762-8901

Listen To Before And After Mastering Examples Below - Click To Listen
Track 1 0273_Nebula_West_coast_Before_Mastering.mp3 <--This beat was a little Dirty
              0273_Nebula_West_coast_After_Mastering.mp3    <--We cleaned it up - Mastered
Track 2 0382_Dirty_south_Nebula_Before_Mastering.mp3 <--Very nice mix by the artist 
              0382_Dirty_south_Nebula_After_Mastering.mp3    <--The mastering sounds great 
Track 3 3650103_Nebula_Before_Mastering.mp3                 <--Very nice mix by the artist
              3650103_Nebula_After_Mastering.mp3                    <--The mastering sounds great

: Please make sure you have mixed your instrumentals as best as you can; so that mastering will enhance the quality of your mix: if you send or bring us a dirty mix; we probably won't be able to do much to it to give it that professional radio quality; so make sure that it's right before you send or bring it to us.

Instructions For Getting Your Instrumentals To Us To Be Mastered

Options: Send via email in MP3 format to mastering@waxjamrecords.com Please name your beats so that we can easily file the next to your name to send them back to you; you will only get a snippet/ clip of the master instrumental and after you pay via paypal by debit or credit card we will email you the entire mastered instrumental.
If you are local and do not have access to the internet with an email address.