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Get you music mastered today; just email it to mastering@waxjamrecords.com along with your song tittle and contact information; we will master it and email a short clip of the music back to you; if you want to purchase the full mastered song after listening to it; just reply back to the email and let us know; the cost is only $35 per song or 2 songs for $50

You can also upload you music below through wetransfer.com

Click The Image Below and follow the instructions to upload your music, Copy our email address first

Our Policy: If you like the clip of your mastered song and would like to purchse the full length mastered song; the cost is $35 per song. When you pay for our mastering service; you are indicating that you have listened to a short clip of your music after we mastered it, liked what you heard, clicked on the buy now button to purchase the full length copy of your mastered music, entered your card info or paid with an email address and understanding the reason for our no refund policy. You further understand that  this policy protects  our rights from dishonest consumers and/or scammers.  

Right mouse click to copy our email address - mastering@waxjamrecords.com
Now Click The Image Above and follow the instructions to upload your music,

Call our voice mail line at 404-910-5903
If you have already used our service before and want to  pay now to get your music back much faster; use the buy now button below


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