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WaxJam Records

2245 Godby Rd Atlanta Ga. Suite 114

Hi I'm Tim Grant/ Aka Rha Rha Grant
Record, Mix And Master 1 Song
With me as your co-producer

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Recording, Mixing , Editing, Mastering

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smaller, more private studio
A 300 Sq Ft Room With Sound -Booth ; 
Pro Tool  professional software/
hardware, latest plugins, sound-booth
 Avid/Degi Design + MBox 2 Pro MIDI ,IBM  Lenovo I Centre 
7200 RPM Computers

In-board Mackie Mixer 
We record at 96 KHZ or 

higher (industry standards), Behringer B3 Mics, 


Meet Tim Grant The Producer, owner and engineer
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Coded building entry and coded studio entry
Safe and secure 





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We will not play your music on our A&R playlist if the quality is not good .