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Waxjam Records Since 1996
Music Mastering Options For Local Artists 
We take pride in delivering you the most cost effective price for mastering your music 
Mastering Is Only $25 Per Song
 After you receive your free sample of your song fully mastered; you will have the option to purchase the full length mastered copy of your song for only $25
WaxJam Mastering is not one of those do it yourself mastering sites; we actually have real engineers using mastering equipment hardware as well as computer software to do the work.
Some artists pay us the going rates for doing big projects; that means they blocked out time for us to pay special attention to their mastering projects to get big jobs done fast and on time; local artists get that same professional mastering service at a fraction of the cost.
Although other site offer alternative mastering options at lower prices; its not the same professional mastering service that come out of our studios; there's no comparison to our quality verses other lower priced mastering sites; with all due respect; we won't go any lower than $25 per song
Our refund policy :                                                                                                                                                                                                     Click here  for a list of Major Records Labels to send you music to; please ask for permission before you.
Your music may be featured in our playlist for visitors to hear like so many others; you never know who might visit our website.